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How to Get FREE Gold Bars in Candy Crush Saga

In this guide I will show you can get free gold bars in Candy Crush Saga. There are several methods you can do to get gold bars, and they all cost you absolutely nothingI have used the below methods for two years now and I’ve made over $600 online to spend for my online gaming. For more info on Candy Crush saga, click here.

There are three ways you can earn Gold Bars online:

Probably the best way to get free gold bars for Candy Crush Saga is by doing surveys, and the best website to do that is Points2Shop.


candy crush gold bars
Points2Shop is a website that pays you in points, and you can then trade these points for $10 Facebook Cards that can be used for Candy Crush Saga. You can earn points by: doing surveys, completing offers, watching videos, doing simple tasks, playing games, and more.

To start on earning on Points2Shop…

You can sign up for the website by clicking HERE. You will then need to register for an account. Just click on the SIGN UP link on the side. Make sure you also don’t forget to click on the confirmation link in your email!

Once that’s done, click on EARN POINTS at the top and start earning!

I highly recommend that you start by doing surveys since surveys pay the most, but you can also complete offers if you prefer that.

If you’re looking to earn points but you’re a wee bit lazy, you can try watch videos. You can visit The Complete Guide to Points2Shop if you’re looking for some crazy-easy points.

You will want to keep doing surveys, offers, etc. until you get about 1000 points. This is enough to buy the $10 Facebook Gift Card.

Once you reach 1000 points, it’s time to get your free $10 Facebook Card!

Go to the top of the page and click on SPEND POINTS. Once the page loads, in the search box type FACEBOOK. Click on the one that says “$10.00 FaceBook Credits—>>EMAIL<< ”.

You should come across a page that looks like this:

how to get gold bars on candy crush

Click on ADD TO CART. Proceed with purchase. Don’t bother check marking any of the boxes (unless you want to announce in the shoutbox that you got a $10 Facebook card). Once that’s done, you’ll have to wait 2-3 days to receive your code.

(NOTE: Once you’ve done this enough times, you’ll eventually get to GOLD RANK. At this rank you’ll get your Facebook Credits INSTANTLY.)

NEXT METHOD: Earn Gold Bars by Listening to Music

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